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Sea Breeze specializes in managing residential real estate investment properties in theTampa Bay Area.  Our goal is to give you the most professional service available today with the least amount of hassle.  When it comes to your investments, we know you worked hard to get it...we also know how important it is that we strive to make the absolute most of it. Whether you are looking for a company to manage one or several rental properties, we are here to offer our professional services and expertise.  We work hard at relieving you of the burden of day to day management of your rentals.

We Give our Clients & Their Investments Top Priority

·         We constantly monitor the ever changing market to get the best price for you as well as for the prospective resident of your property.

·         Residents are thoroughly qualified by verifying a minimum of 2 years rental history,  2 years employment and monthly income.

·         A criminal background check as well as credit report is carefully reviewed for each adult.  We follow all Fair Housing Standards.

·         Repairs are handled efficiently by properly licensed service professionals.  We receive vendor discounts due to volume and pass through the savings to you.

·         A walk through inspection is performed with the resident confirming the condition of the home at move in.  We keep a written report and photos of the interior and exterior.

·         Your property is inspected routinely inside & out; insuring the residents take proper care of your investment.  This allows us to also check the filters, smoke alarms, and such to confirm optimal working condition. Full interior and exterior inspections are also completed at each lease renewal.

·        Notices are prepared by an attorney pursuant to Florida Landlord/Tenant Laws.  The lease is also prepared by an attorney & covers all aspects of leasing including, but not limited to mold, pets, breaking of lease, etc.

·         Full accounting software is used and you will receive professional monthly reports as well as year-end statements. 1099s for tax purposes are also provided.                             

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